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So what are the health benefits of drinking coconut water?


Best Coconut Water in Singapore is Back!

I love coconut water and I am an introvert. Not the perfect combination to be in a coconut business or any business for that matter.

But it happened...

March 2018 - I resigned after 8 years of teaching, just in time to avoid paying for parking in schools ;) The truth is, I spent the next 2.5 months taking care of my 7-month-old girl who had a condition. She is now a 1-year-old healthy and cheeky little toddler. 

4 May 2018 - Qoolco was officially closed. What?!?!? I was a regular customer. And it was heart breaking to hear the news. Since I was a coconut addict, I decided to buy over the business. Using all my savings, I plunged into the world of business, entrepreneurship or call it what you want.

12 May 2018 - My wife and I flew to Thailand to meet the supplier and prospective partner. Returned to Singapore on the same day with a deal secured. We were excited.

The previous owner was extremely kind and patient in handing over the business. I was blessed. But..

Never waitered in my life, ne…